news feature script



This class taught me a lot about production. Coming in I had limited skills, only knowing the basics of Photoshop and DreamWeaver. I had exposure to what constitutes a good photo, including composition and lighting, and with Professor Sandhouse’s instruction, I learned how to apply that to video. Video is the death of me. From production to editing, it was the one thing that I really struggled with. I have practiced panning and tilting, but when I went in to edit my news feature project, I noticed that it was very obvious where the camera shakes too much, or seems off tilt. My friend helped me record some of the video and its a stark difference between the fluidity of his panning, and my broken attempts at it. Lighting was also an issue– my project focused on fire poi, and shots which were taken under street lights in Wynwood showed a lot more detail, than the shots taken in a yard. One can’t really fire spin indoors, and during daylight, the fire is not as visible. 

In regards to editing, I wish we spent more time on it. Using Adobe Premiere instead of Final Cut, was my own choice, but I ran into issues where tutorials would miss a key step and I would get stuck. Professor Sandhouse was accommodating, but I still had to wait until next class to ask how to do something, which slowed me down. The Chroma key project was really cool. I never realized how easy it was to actually use a green screen- or in my case, create one. The studio at FIU was not open at the times that I wanted to use it, so instead I made a green screen at home with a large roll of green paper, and plenty of lighting equipment. Using the Ultra Key function recommended by my professor, made editing out the green a lot easier. Being the talent was rough- I didn’t realize I had stage fright or that I would suddenly forget my lines. I made it through, and I don’t think the end product is as bad as I imagined it to be. 

I was surprised at how easily I understood the editing for audio, and thankfully, my boyfriend’s theater experience (and radio voice) alleviated the pain of me having to hear the sound of my own voice. I think the audio projects we did, were a good idea. The amount of time spent teaching it, and on in class assignments. 

Overall, I am glad I took this class, because it is a good intro class to further more explore the programs we used this semester.