Week 2

In this week’s class we discussed different kinds of composition. To establish and interesting shot, one must think about composition. What angle is the camera taking the photo from, who is in the photo, how close. What story is one trying to establish with the photo. A worm’s eye view (low level) shot makes the subject appear larger. It focuses on the main subject at hand. A high level shot (bird’s eye view) instead brings the surrounding more in focus, as the subject appears smaller. There are different shots for different purposes.

When doing close up portrait shots, there are several different ways to take the same photo. First establish if it will be portrait length, or landscape. Next decide if it will have the subject be pictured from a wide medium shot (this includes the subject from the knees up) or if it will be a medium shot (includes upper body, arms and shoulders, head). These styles are good for regular shots, such as when doing interviews or marketing shots. For a more emotional shot, close up of expressions hit the pathos of the viewer.

The rule of thirds is important. For a great photo, do not shoot the subject directly in the middle. This is a snapshot photo.

In my past photo classes, we discussed other elements of a good photo. These include lighting such as hard lighting, silhouette, contrast, etc.


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