Photoshop intro

This week we worked on using photo shop to correct photos. We used tools such as contrast,  tone,  saturation, healing brush and lasso.

I have used photoshop In the past to edit photo but never knew how people were able to remove objects from still photos. The content aware software is AMAZING. It’s crazy for me to think just how advanced technology and software has become to actually be able to analyze the content of a still frame and “fill in” the area the user wants to remove.

In regards to photoshop, I feel like the user has to be aware and have a “good eye”. There are too many images that have been manipulated in ways that are unnatural.  We discussed these ideas in class. Professor Sandhouse pointed out how too often people will overdo the whitening of teeth by using the Dodge tool, or make the skin texture too plastic looking by over doing the healing brush and other tools to soften skin. A common feature that I feel beginner’s over use is the saturation tool. It makes photos vivid but they end up looking unnatural due to the brightness of the image and colors which are not found in nature.

I used to do analog photography and some of those skills have carried over into the digital manipulation of objects.  I can understand what the exposure does to an image, and tools such as dodging and burning. In the dark room, one used colored lenses to achieve various contrasts, or to correct the exposure you used while shooting film. It’s awesome to a we how much easier it is to make these corrections using photoshop.


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