still photo project programs

This week in class we used Photoshop to add text to photos shot around Florida International University. We learned how to use iMovie to create a video photo montage of the stills . I use a windows computer at home and the Movie Maker program actually I felt like I had more  choice in video editing options that were much easier to navigate. Movie Maker allowed you to use different transitions to pan the photos in a directions that was more suitable for text. Also, There was an ease in publishing my finished video where the program converted itself easily to formats accepted by websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Professor Sandhouse spoke how each picture with text needed to appear on the screen for long enough to be able to read that sentence 3 times during its panning moment. Unfortunately, our project was limited to 30 seconds, which the text I chose might have been a little too long to read 3 times the amount that was given. However, I feel like it is still readable. 

My project centered around the sculptures at the Biscayne Bay Campus. Artist Ross Powers created sculptures that were environmentally friendly and mimicked aspects of the ocean. He then submerged them under sea in areas like Key Largo and other oceans in the world. The submersion created a texture which mimicked the motion of the waves that hit each sculpture.


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