This week has focused on audio editing and types of broadcast in the media including sportscasting, reporting, anchoring, etc. also known as the “talent”. It is important that the talent have a clear speaking  voice, in what is considered “standard american English” which means that it doesn’t have a regional accent. 

Our assignment for the week is to create several audio spots as ads. Recording is easier said than done, because until I started on my project, I didn’t think of all the details that need to be in place to get a good, clear recording. Background noise needs to be canceled out. The acoustics in the area, and most importantly the equipment. The task of getting a  30 second recording is not just having a well versed talent, but also doing several takes to get the elements down correctly. 

When it comes to equipment, I tried using a voice recorder I had lying around, but it is not as advanced as those we saw in class. The quality of the recording was poor, and when replayed had too much static noise in the background.  using my laptop, was even worse. The recording didn’t catch full sentence and the levels were jumping up and down. Luckily, I still have some time to work on this assignment , so I will rent a quality recording device from FIU tomorrow.


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