This week we finished our audio projects and began to learn about shooting  video. I’m happy with the way my audio project turned out, my talent understood my direction and our lecture about telling talent to go over the top a little, made for a much better take the next time around. 
I used someone other than myself because I hated how my voice sounded plus I have a slight accent. Harrison, my talent has a more standard American English sound.

My video project is focused on greynolds park. I am currently working on an outline for the script. It’s a different way of creative writing for me because besides a plot, I need to think of the visual representation for it.

I plan to shoot b-rolls of the  park from a first person point of view, to have extra material to work with. I plan to do two to three interviews surrounding the park attendees who are protesting the construction of development property next to the park. The park has a long history and I would like to represent that in my project.

We have been learning about editing techniques such as using the chroma key. The chroma key is the green or blue screens that are later altered with computer generated enhancements. I’m trying to think of a subject which I can do for that project.  

I think it’s so interesting the kind of worlds that can be created using chroma key. Life of Pi was one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen.  I read an article that showed how it was filmed against a giant blue screen. Its Amazing How good actors are when They act In scenes ,which are later completely different than what they saw at the time.


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