So far the class is moving along great. I feel like the concepts I was afraid of grasping are coming easier than expected.

This past week we shot our videos for the in-class assignment showing that we know the difference between panning and tilting a shot, and then how to edit that together with an introduction.

The shooting aspect wasn’t difficult, but suddenly I had to notice my surroundings more. Was I in a high traffic area where noise affected my audio? was the tripod steady, and the lever in the right location? I also learned I had to time my panning.This meant I had to move the camera in a steady motion without jerking or stopping as it turned for a clear shot and not focus on one area for longer than the the previous shot. When shooting tilting, My partner and I both noticed that our shot had bit of a cut motion to it due to the camera not gliding down in one steady move. This was re-shot several times to achieve the effect we wanted.

I’ve been working on the planning for my features project, which includes trying to coordinate time with the talent in order to shoot, figure out my introduction and fill everyone in on the story line. My Chroma Project script came forth easily, but this has a lot more to plan in advance.


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