Nearing the end of this class, I feel like I learned a lot about basic production. I am comfortable using the equipment and editing programs including Photoshop, audacity, final cut and adobe premiere. We have learned how to plan a production including script writing (and reading), finding talent, and elements of a good video/audio spot.

Various lessons I’ve picked up through the semester include:

  • Premiere is much more user friendly than final cut because many of its steps are automated and also have 1 button short cut options that require several steps in Final Cut.
  • How to check sound levels and where they should generally be.
  • Always check your recorded video/audio before leaving a set.
  • You want your video to be HD at  least at 720 x 1080, also HG64 format.
  • Always be super careful with transferring video file onto a hard-drive- video files are the most easily corrupted.
  • How to conduct an on screen interview- never put subject directly in the middle staring at the middle of the camera, instead shoot off side with them answering questions to the host off camera, and looking at corner.

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